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Podcast 3: Hilde De Weerdt on MARKUS

DH East Asia Podcast
DH East Asia Podcast
Podcast 3: Hilde De Weerdt on MARKUS

In this episode, we interview Hilde De Weerdt, Professor of Chinese History at Leiden University, about MARKUS, an online text markup tool developed as part of the European Research Council funded project “Communication and Empire: Chinese Empires in Comparative Perspective.”

Relevant links:
current beta version of MARKUS (note: only works in Google Chrome!)
how to use MARKUS (includes videos with instructions)
MARKUS conferences and workshops
The Automating Data Extraction from Chinese Texts Project, which has funded further development of MARKUS.
Hilde De Weerdt’s book website, which also includes interactive reading platforms and MARKUS files for some of her original research sources.